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   Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a "Web eBook"? A web ebook is read on the website using a web reader.

  • How is a web ebook different from a Kindle or PDF eBook? You do not have to download a web ebook. Thus, you do not have to buy a Kindle reader or a PDF reader. A web ebook is read inside your web browser on the website.

  • If I don't download a web ebook, what am I buying when I pay for the web ebook? You are buying a license to read the ebook anywhere and any time on any computer that supports a common browser and is connected to on the Internet.

  • What advantage is there in buying a web ebook as opposed to a Kindle or PDF ebook? There are several advantages:

    1. You don't have to download an ebook and save it with the possibility of loosing it. It is always there for you to read.

    2. You don't have to purchase a Kindle reader or a PDF reader.

    3. You can read your ebooks anywhere in the World. There is no "no-books zone". You can read your web eBooks wherever you are in the World.

    4. You have instant access to updates and new releases or revisions without having to purchase the new edition. All new editions are available instantly for free for those eBooks for which you have purchased a license to read them.

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