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   About Us

In view of the increase in disasters around the world, we, Dr. and Mrs. Carman, felt a need to use our combined talents and expertise to provide inexpensive eBooks to the public at large on subjects that would help us all survive those catastrophic events that seem to happen with greater frequency.

We have sought to augment the selection of our own eBooks with those we've researched that are already on the market. We have selected only those with the highest of ratings to make available from our website. Also, as our website grows, we will provide the opportunity for others to host their eBooks on our website, providing a royalty unequalled by others who market eBooks.

Dr. Frank C. Carman II, Ph.D. is a graduate of M.I.T. He spent most of his professional life as a research scientist, first at ITT's Advanced Technology Center in Connecticut and later at Chemical Abstracts Service in Ohio. Dr. Carman has retired as a research scientist and is using his talents and education in the field of genealogical research ( and now in providing eBooks for survival of catastrophic events.

Dr. Carman has been developing web technologies and web sites since 1995. In 1996 he was one of the founders and the chief developer of Kindred Konnections, Inc., a Genealogy Research Internet website. Kindred Konnections was later acquired by Fficiency Software, Inc. and the website is now known as This site is characteristic of Dr. Carman's extraordinary abilities in creating technologies for the Internet. All functions of this site including database structure and search engines for a 1 billion name archive index, document extraction input database, and multi-lingual MyTrees Online genealogy program have been developed by Dr. Carman.

Because of the superior and innovative automation technology created by Dr. Carman, has been able to profitably operate from the end of the first year of operations to the present with a minimum of employees. A competitor of has spent millions attempting to duplicate the technology seen on the site. To date no other company can match the proprietary technology featured at the website.

Dr. Carman's other innovations include automatic web page creation technology which has product inventory and shopping cart capability among other innovations. He currently serves as President, CEO, and Chief Scientist of Dr. Carman has been President, CEO and Chief Scientist of Fficiency Software, Inc. since 1991 where he developed a cursive word processor and cursive handwriting recognition software for the now defunct pen computer industry. He also developed a signature verification engine that has been used by the US Treasury Department. From February 1985 to 1997 he was a Senior Associate Research Scientist for Chemical Abstracts Service in Columbus, Ohio. From November 1985 to 1987 he served as the Executive Vice President of Technology for Issaqua International, Inc. and from January 1983 to November 1985 he served as a principal member of the technical staff of the Advanced Technology Center of ITT. Dr. Carman completed a B.S. in Physics at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), an M.S. and Ph.C.(ABD) in Physics from the University of Washington. He completed graduate studies in Computer Science at the University of Utah and then went on to earn an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. among Physics, Computer Science and Linguistics from Brigham Young University.

Cynthia K. Carman received a B.S. in accounting from Indiana University in 1989 where she graduated Cum Laude. She has served as CFO of Fficiency Software, Inc. since 1992 and CFO and Chairman of the Board of Besides her executive responsibilities as financial manager of these companies, she also performs all accounting and tax functions, computer systems management and consulting, network management and consulting, employee training and relations, customer service implementation , management of operations, marketing and advertising consulting, graphics design work, legal contracts writing, genealogy newsletter writing and editing, and software alpha and beta testing. Previous to her positions at these companies Mrs. Carman was head staff accountant for sales tax, business tax, and payroll tax accounting for Lerner Direct, a subsidiary of The Limited, Inc. She also served as a head tax accountant for the corporate headquarters of The Limited, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio. Previous to that she was a Certified Tax Practitioner for H&R Block. Her skills and expertise stretch far beyond her accounting and computer education and experience. She taught Symbolic Logic at Indiana University for 3 years. She managed a medium sized real estate office 1984 to 1987. As a licensed real estate agent in 1986, she was named "Rookie of the Year" by Baird Company Realtors for selling a million dollars worth of real estate in her first 6 months. She has been a freelance artist, freelance writer, freelance programmer, part owner in a general contracting company, sole owner of a successful apartment hall cleaning business, and paralegal.

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